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We provide interim financial services

The Interim Controller has been providing management accounting services and filling interim Controller and CFO roles for 35 years in every industry, small start-ups to $100 million companies.  We can lead, or be, your accounting team.

We focus on:

  • the organization of accounting records,

  • the clear presentation of financial data,

  • and the implementation of financial strategies that support the goals of the firm.

Give us a call at (209) 614–5782 or send us an email, and we can discuss your specific need and see if we can meet that need.


Areas of Practice

interim controller/cfo

Frequently emerging companies need accounting help, but they are not ready to commit to a rapid permanent hiring process, or they need specific interim help to meet an immediate need. (Read More)  


The trend for today’s young companies is to perform the accounting function off-site on an hourly basis. This cost-effective method works brilliantly when the process is set up correctly. We can set the system up for you and either run it or turn it over to your accounting staff.  (Read more)


Being prepared for your capital presentation is a prerequisite for success.  Be able to tell your capital source exactly what you need their money for, and where and when it will be spent.   Call us. (Read More)


Need a budget prepared?  Like, NOW!  We can do 24-hour turnaround on a first pass of your budget.  We have completed the budget preparation in as little as 24 hours, all done remotely. (Read More)


Been putting off the accounting for some time?  We can help here.  We consider this to be our expertise and have reconstructed the accounting records of many companies over 35 years. (Read more).


Merger and Acquisition support

What will the company look like financially after the merger?  What issues need to be considered in an acquisition or merger?  Selling your company?  Get the documentation in place for a smooth sale. (Read More)

Having the tools and expertise means we can get down to business quickly, resolve the issue at hand and provide immediate value
— Jerry Joyce


Northern California:

Jerry Joyce  |  |   (209) 614-5782

Southern California:

Michael Craig  |  |  (949) 391-7377 (office)  |   (714) 501-6337 (cell)

Pacific Northwest:

Ron Johnson  |  |  (916) 524-3999


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For job opportunities, please email us your resume. We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to join The Interim Controller team.

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